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How much does your business spend on promotions, advertising and customer acquisition? How would like to be promoted by 25+ local wedding industry leaders that will drive traffic to your website, generate qualified leads and provide additional social media exposure among other things. In addition, your website and online presence will get a boost from all other members that will be supplying an invaluable SEO weight to your search score.

Depending on the plan you select, there are different sets of benefits. Because of the nature of some of the benefits, Premium membership requires a minimum commitment of 6 months. Basic membership can be month to month.

Membership Details

BUSINESS BUILDER (Basic Membership) - $50 per month

BUSINESS EXCELERATOR (Premium Membership) - $100 pre month

A business that is a part of the wedding industry and has proven track record for delivering quality and value to its clients. The scope of businesses that can join is very wide, however a business must be able to demonstrate they are part of the wedding process.

We accept multiple business per category as long as the number is reasonable. In general, there is only one business per category that can be a Premium Member and the rest are Basic Members.

In same cases we do allow more than on Premium Member per category if there is no conflict of interest. This might be the case with the restaurant's category where a specific ethnic type of restaurant would not be in conflict with another ethnic one. For example: An Italian Restaurant can be a Premium Member along with an Indian Restaurant. Because of the different clientele segments they cater to, we do not deem them to be in conflict.

If there is more than one business that has expressed desire to be a Premium Member and the category does not allow for multiple Premium listings, the decision is made be the directors based on a thorough assessment of each business. The directors will consider the business' reputation, client/customer service score, online reviews, overall online/social media presence and community feedback among other factors. The final decision is solemnly at the LWG director's discretion.




Luxury Wedding Group Inc.

All applications go through an approval process before a business can become a member of the Luxury Wedding Group. We reserve the right to refuse membership.

Membership Application